Our 13 years Experience in the Insect Business will help you Find the Best Products, Information and Contacts !!

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Insects, Food and Sustainability are our Passion!!.  We have been breeding insect for over 13 years and we know the best Products, Services, Information and Contacts in the industry.

When we started breeding insects the main market for insects was the pet trade, zoos, wildlife rescue…. which let us to develope our first site WildlifeHub.com (how to breed insect training site). In the last 5 years, inquiries into using insects for food has grown steadily and now is the main inquiry we receive.

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We now use our insects to produce food and energy in a sustainable manner by not just growing the insects for food but also feeding the insects sustainable food sources. This not only saves money it also is an important step to a sustainable food source. We are working with our commercial partners to set up insect farms for food production and to record the results (input and power costs). In this way the producer benefits by setting up a tried and tested methods and we can see how they perform in the real world of a busy business.

We are always looking at ways to move this growing industry along, so if you have any experiences you want to share or want to join our directory site or have an inquiry please Contact us.

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